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Office Only | Yuto

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11-01-2018, 07:44 PM #1
trytowin Offline Registered
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Player Name: Yuto(trytowin)
Steam-ID: 76561198314041796
Name: Umut
Age (From now on, we don't take guards under 16!): 17
Timezone: GMT +1
Do you regularly use Discord? Yes, I do. Always got it open.

The server you want to become Guard on: Office Only
What time do you often play: Everyday about 2-5. On weekends, I do play more.
Reasons for wishing to become Guard (80 words, more the better): One reason to become a Guard is, that I play on this server everyday and for a long time, too. I want help players new to this server, because I think I have a lot of experience about how to use commands on this server. Other reason is, I don't like guys spamming their mic and ticking others off. I already had those experience and learned from it(Rebbo). One more thing is that I want to decrease quantity and increase quality, what I mean is to help the servers themself , to improve.
Why do you think you are a suitable Guard (80words, more the better): I'm playing everyday on this server and I got experience from the past being a (Guard) on other servers, I can deal with each other(in a harmless way), it doesn't matter wether kids or adults and find solutions to solve the problems. Even if I'm not the friendliest person on the server I am calm and nice to others.
Do you have any previous admin experience? Please elaborate: Yes, I do. I was on several servers (not admin but related to guard.)
Do you know regulars on the server and people on the forum (who?): Hakuna, Safari, rebbo, gardisto, kin, nexy, moh, andres, zyx, black jack, maxwell, heekoo, jake, spyware and  more. Smile

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11-07-2018, 08:39 PM #2
P4UL Offline Community Manager
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Application Denied due to recent chat behavior.

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