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04-09-2018, 09:54 PM #1
PepeM8 Offline Registered
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Player Name:

Age (From now on, we don't take guards under 16!):17
Timezone:United Kingdom
Do you regularly use Discord?yes

The server you want to become Guard on:EU Bhopping server
What time do you often play: Usually from about 12am-12pm
Reasons for wishing to become Guard (80 words, more the better):I really want to be admin or guard on this because i always want to be admin on a CS server and i really like your server
Why do you think you are a suitable Guard (80words, more the better): I have 1100+ hours on CSGO plus be trying to be admin on whole bunch of servers 
Do you have any previous admin experience? Please elaborate: I have been admin of  rust server and that's it  but been friend with loads of admins on other sever like mestro.

Do you know regulars on the server and people on the forum (who?):Not really as not many people talk but would be gladly get to know them 

04-10-2018, 07:10 AM #2
Cooky Offline Community Founder
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What a shit application.... you really think we take this one in consideration?

Steam ID: Wrong!
Timezone: Wrong!
Reason to become GUARD: Not 80+ words!
Why do you think....: Not 80+ words!
Regulars: No...?

You apply for Admin, but you are using the Guard form. Also; saying "plus be trying to be admin on whole bunch of servers" really sucks....
You didn't put much effort in this apply.


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