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Posted by: P4UL - 12-02-2018, 10:24 PM - Forum: Announcements
The servers have just gotten a big update, included in this update:
  • The store is back! Everyone has the same amount of credits they had when the store was initially removed. Also, hats have been removed, but, death sounds have been added! Are you missing something? Please send me a message.
  • More ways to get credits have been added! A custom trivia plugin and a custom jackpot plugin have been added. You can enable the jackpot plugin by typing !gamble.
  • A new rules document has been made, you can view it by visiting zombieunlimited.eu/rules.
Bonus credits in packages in the store will be added soon, current VIPs do get double credits for playing and for answering trivia questions.

If you have any suggestions on what to add/change, feel free to message me, I'm always open to suggestions.

- The ZU-GAMING Staff-Team

Posted by: Cooky - 06-26-2018, 12:18 PM - Forum: Announcements
Here a follow-up on our last announcement about the server overhaul.

As you all know we will be replacing our servers. This will happen on friday the 29th of June at 8 PM CEST (http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/?t=8...Amsterdam&). Because of this the current servers will go offline starting today in order for us to start transferring the servers and preparing. During the opening of the servers there will not be an event, there will be a giveaway, further information about the giveaway will follow.

There will be a lot of changes, below you can see some of the new features of the servers:

• Currently 6 servers. Multi-1v1, Dust 2 Only, Office Only, Retakes, Bunnyhop and Surf. More servers will be added later on.
• No !store anymore, all hats, player trails etc. have been removed
• A brand new system with chatcolors, tagcolors and namecolors. Earn colors by buying VIP, getting more time on the servers! (!time) and even joining our steam group!
• A brand new tag system will be introduced, unlock tags to put in front of your name in chat by buying VIP, getting more time, participating in events and joining the steam group!
• New ranking systems on all servers, this will include a reset of points on all servers. Current top players will be rewarded.
• More!

There will also be a few extra changes. First of all we will adding a few playtime rewards. Currently you get 3 months of VIP when you get 150 hours (You can make a request on the forums). The rewards that will be added are for 500 hours and 1000 hours. Players who have 500+ hours on the servers and make a request on the forums will get half a year of VIP for free. Players who have 1000+ hours on our servers and make a request will get LIFETIME free VIP!

We will also be making a few changes to the current staff system. First of all, there will be no more option to apply for admin. To become admin you will have to become guard first and you can be promoted if we you do a good job of being a staff member. This also includes admin becoming free.
Finally, we are going to give everyone who has been banned for any reason besides cheating a second chance. Everyone who has been banned or muted for any other reason than cheating will be unbanned and will be able to play on the servers again. Also, we are going to remove all SMAC bunnyhop autotrigger bans because there are way too many for it to be legit, especially on the bunnyhop servers. So everyone who got banned by the SMAC bunnyhop autotrigger will also be unbanned.

We look forward to seeing you guys on the new servers!

ZU-Gaming Staff Team

Posted by: Cooky - 06-14-2018, 09:09 AM - Forum: Announcements
As you guys know the amount of players on our servers has gone down the last few months. Because of this we will do a complete overhaul of our servers. This will include completely new servers, some game modes will stay and some will go away/be replaced. Not only the game modes will be overhauled, the overhaul will also include changes to the store, changes to VIP and more. There is no ETA on the complete overhaul yet, we are currently working on everything. More information will follow.

In order to make the best servers possible, we want to ask you guys for some feedback. We have made a Google form where you can answer some of our questions about the changes and game modes which you guys want. It would be great if you guys can help us out and answer some of the questions included in the form.